• Pre-blended for consistent batches – just add water
  • Meets ASTM C270 performance specifications
  • Portland/Lime or Masonry mixes
  • Excellent for cold weather use, no frozen sand piles
  • 70 pound sack
  • 30 modular brick, or 9 block per sack


  • Pre-blended for consistent batches
  • Meets ASTM C476 strength specifications
  • Excellent flow ability
  • 70 pound sack - .44 cubic feet
  • Grouts 3 block (8”) per sack

The key to more profitable block, brick, and stone projects

  • Accurately blended Pro Mix mortar makes consistent mixes every time, especially colored mortar.
  • Cuts typical mixing time in half and gives your mixer operator more time for other tasks.
  • Reduces job injuries – no more hand shoveling sand or hand loading bags.
  • Reduces job cleanup. No more half-filled cement bags to dump. No more frozen sand piles.
  • Increases worker productivity and efficiency.
  • Enhances your profit potential.

Simple – as calling in your order

U-Mix delivers the mixing silo and 3,000-lb Pro Mix silo bags right to your job site. There’s no charge for the silo when ordered with your mortar and grout mix. After your job is complete, we pick up the silo. 70-lb bags are also available for smaller batches.

Consistent – batch after batch

Pro Mix is already blended to just the right cement-sand formula for your job. Choose standard or colored mix options. With pre-blending, mixes are consistent batch after batch. With the silo’s built-in auger, the operator controls the amount of dry material going into the mixer. Then, just add water and turn out batch after batch of uniform, consistent mortar, ready to use.

Promix Bags

Works better – in inclement weather

Sand and cement are already blended in the bags so you don’t have to worry about wet or frozen sand or needing extra heaters or dryers. The sand is pre-dried before blending, which prevents bulking and ensures consistent mixes.

Cleaner – job sites

The Pro Mix Silo System does away with the need for extra sand piles and drastically cuts the number of paper bags to be cleaned up. The Pro Mix silo takes up less space and can be moved about the site as needed for worker efficiency. If necessary, order two – one for mortar, one for grout. Once the job is over we pick up the silos, reducing your cleanup work. We’ll even move the Pro Mix silo to your next job site so it’s ready to go when you get there.